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Welcome to Cafe XI

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The story behind Cafe XI begins with a desire to be planted and part of a community. The Wiebe family (originally from Alberta) moved to Arizona in 2015. After being there for 5 years they came to the decision that it was time to move back to Canada. They decided that instead of going back to their roots in Alberta it was time to make new roots elsewhere. British Columbia was the perfect choice for them! The Wiebe’s initially moved to Surrey but decided that they wanted to live in a smaller center. After taking a weekend trip up to Kelowna to explore, the Wiebe’s knew that this was the place they wanted to call home! Being an entrepreneurial family, Roy and Jessica asked their children what they wanted to do in Kelowna! Isabelle, Carmen, and Micael (their three children) thought it would be a great idea to open a coffee shop. Before they knew it they found and purchased a local coffee shop and named it Cafe XI. Isabelle, Carmen, and Micael Wiebe run and own the coffee shop but could not make this dream possible without the help and support from their parents!  

Many people have asked us, “What does the name Cafe XI mean?”. XI is the Roman numeral for eleven.  Eleven is the number for transition. Because the Wiebe’s have experienced transition many times in their lives, they found it fitting to name their new café after this journey through life. The Wiebe family is thrilled to be a part of a community where they can reach out, give back and plant deep roots. Their hope is that Café XI will be a place where old friends can meet and where new relationships can be foraged.  We hope to be a blessing and to create a comfortable and safe atmosphere for each person who walks through our doors! 

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